Tuesday, October 16

Encounter with a Retreat

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This past weekend was a big step forward on the way to marital bliss at our Engaged Encounter retreat. While there were some couples that were clearly only there because they had to be, Nicole and I fell into the category of “giddily in love and therefore actually interested in talking stuff out”. There was a lot of talking about topics as diverse as love, sex, and money. Appropriately enough, for the sex talk, one of the host families carted out their two year old boy to demonstrate in no uncertain terms what the Catholics think sex should be about. That was before the “Natural Family Planning is the only way” talk :).

Of course, despite feeling wholly connected, there wasn’t much I could do about my typical fidgety behavior. On Saturday night, we gathered in a big circle for a prayer ceremony. The idea was that each couple received a candle, which represented our love for each other. But you know, when you’re holding a candle, the wax can be very entertaining. It melts, and burns, and swishes around. So … anyway, I put out the candle, and not only that, but I buried the wick in the wax. I went to the middle to relight, and it wouldn’t light. So they just gave me another candle. Nicole wasn’t too happy about the implied ease with which our love could be replaced.


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