A boy and his tiger

There was a comic strip I used to read back in my childhood. About a boy and his tiger. It was my favorite comic strip of all time. Sometimes I laugh reading the Boondocks or Doonesbury, and I was on a Dilbert kick for a little while, but nothing has caught my attention like little Calvin. I remember curling up with The Essential Calvin and Hobbes. Or borrowing “Yukon Ho!” from my friend Nate Baumgart and poring through pages. The stories were so cool – and they inspired me to try the same kind of stuff. When Calvin took off for the arctic in search of something different, I remember thinking that maybe that’d be cool, that it wasn’t so far away. I started my own newspaper in 5th grade, and I drew comics for it. Calvin went sledding – I went sledding. Calvin had a powerful imagination – so did I. He was so stupid – every day he’d come home from school and the tiger would get him, and he’d try to fool him but couldn’t! Hobbes was always the clever one. Man, I just remember laughing so hard at some of those strips, still do today – they really are quite amazing. The strip lasted from 1985 to 1995, from when I was a baby until I was in 7th grade. The strip introduced me to my now well-worn habit of reading the paper every day. I started off just reading one or two comics, and Calvin was among them. Then over the years, I changed my habits. I started to read more comics, then Dear Abby, then finally I’d move on to another section. Now I read most all of the paper. But I still do it over breakfast, and I still do read the comics and miss Calvin and Hobbes.

Anyway, that’s my Sunday morning reminiscense on Calvin and Hobbes. Here’s a link to the story that inspired it: Chicago Tribune

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