Sunday, October 21

The Cherry Lane

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So … wedding planning proceeds at a breakneck pace, but this month it has taken second fiddle to a much more pressing issue: Nicole and I are moving to Beacon Hill! Thank goodness! We finally will be living together. No need to keep track of this apartment and that apartment. We can work on getting our life on the right track, and building a household together is the right step. Plus, we get to have a dishwasher AND a washing machine!

We move Memorial Day weekend. We have spent some time packing already. Our apartments are full of boxes. Full! Boxes! And now the weather is gorgeous, it’s been sunny and in the seventies and eighties all week. Now I’m out on the porch enjoying the cool night air with my new camera. Haven’t done this in a while.

On a more somber note, my aunt Patty has taken a turn for the worse. Her heart was weakened last year in a massive attack. Since then she has just been trying to recover, but lately it hasn’t gone so well. Eventually she’ll need a transplant, but those are really painful and risky. I’m really worried about her, and thinking about her a lot.


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